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The Department of Christian Civilization at the University of Jaffna is one of the remarkable centres of teaching and research related to Christian studies in Sri Lanka. Christian Civilization is a discipline that comes under humanities which treats the origin, expansion and the important characteristics of Christian religion. It encompasses the scriptures, beliefs, practices, history, art, literature, morals and the contemporary trends of Christian religion, together with its interaction with other religions and other social, cultural, ethical and biomedical issues that affect the society. It will give a comprehensive view of Christian religion from its inception to the present day considering it as a civilization the permeated and responsibly influenced the history of humankind.

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12 June 2023: Commencement of Lectures for Level III, Semester I – 2021

09 June 2023: Meeting of the Department Alumni Association at 06.00 PM (via Zoom)

01 June 2023: Commencement of Lectures for Level I, Semester II (2021),  Level II, Semester II (2021), Level III, Semester II (2020), Year 4, Semester II (2020)

04 May 2023: Department Meeting (Fourth) 

27 April 2023: Department Meetings (Third)