First Meeting of the Alumni Association - 03 May 2022


Alumni Association

Department of Christian Civilization

University of Jaffna


A tracer study was undertaken in 2021 by the Department of Christian Civilization to get connected with its alumni. Mrs. Mary Winifreeda Surendraraj was appointed as in charge of collecting the details from the inception of the unit ‘Christian Civilization’ in 1979. The efforts have now evolved as the Alumni Association which empowers the department and enhances its efficiency.

The first meeting of the Alumni Association was held on the 3rd of May 2022. Altogether thirty two alumni of the Department of Christian Civilization participated in the meeting out of whom eleven were onsite and twenty two were online.

The following is the first list of the office bearers of the Alumni Association

Patron:                         Head of the Department of Christian Civilization
President:                    Mrs. Judith Colastica Alosious Mariathas  
Vice President:           Fernando Kamilas
Secretary:                    Mrs. Mary Winifreeda Surendraraj
Treasurer:                    Josephine Yalini Premnath